A water-soluble, heavy duty detergent. It will quickly clean away petroleum greases, food greases, burned foods, oils, waxes, inks, and other stubborn soils from most washable surfaces.

General usage

Heating is not necessary. It is safe to use on many metals, plastic, rubber, and concrete, but it can etch glass, discolor polished or anodized aluminium, and dull some painted finishes. Rinse immediately if these surfaces are contacted. It can be used to clean and degrease almost anywhere that a strong, water diluteable cleaner is needed. It can be diluted with up to 15 parts of water depending on the cleaning power that is needed. Always use the product at the most economical dilution for the job to be done. Because it is water-based, non-flammable, and noncorrosive, it is safer to use than petroleum-based solvents. Do not use in a steam cleaner. Heating this product causes strong odors. Read entire label directions before using this product. Refer to MSDS for all physical properties of the product.


Mop, poly sprayer (#8340), compressed air sprayer (#8194), 1 or 2 gallon sprayer; any cold water pressure washer.


Stable under normal storage conditions for a period of one year.

Specialized uses


USDA statement:
Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Classification: A1 - compounds acceptable as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces, or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices.

AQIS statement:
Category 1. General Cleaner Type A: General cleaning compound for use in all areas